Why So Scared Of Advanced Manufacturing Technology? | CCAT Shop Tour

June 3, 2022 1:35 pm


Explore through the lens of a machinist the most advanced manufacturing technology out there. The technology and applications at CCAT are difficult at best, and mostly impossible with conventional machining processes. These technologies are more economical and more sustainable. We’re talking about less material, less waste and in many cases much faster processes when compared to traditional machining processes.

Jacquelynn Garofano, Chief Technology Officer, discusses how pushing the manufacturing supply chain towards adoption of advanced manufacturing technology is a primary mission of the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology. These technologies can work together with traditional applications.

Jeff Crandall the head of their Additive Technologies Department explains that the skills required for traditional manufacturing and machining jobs are extremely translatable to the skills required to utilize advanced and additive technologies.

Topics covered: Hybrid machining, laser, precision machining, additive manufacturing technology, advanced design, and metrology.

“CCAT demonstrates, and assists with the adoption of leading-edge technologies into global industrial companies and the advanced manufacturing supply chain, while also providing the training and education necessary to utilize the capability of these advancements and drive efficiency.”

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