Swiss Machining and Cobots | M&R Engineering Shop Tour

June 20, 2022 3:22 pm


M&R engineering is looking to double in size. How will they pull it off? President and Owner Natalia Sephton says through automation. M&R Engineering has a wide range of capabilities for primarily aerospace and government work.

In this tour we’re talking screw machines with no computers, cobot (collaborative robot) milling machine assistants, Swiss machining, and apprenticeship programs. And of course, precision parts don’t come without a strong quality department. M&R has built a workforce of 67 employees and is women owned. Take a look inside!

In this video you’ll meet:
Oscar who is utilizing a robot for milling applications. “It isn’t too difficult to get into, it seems kind of scary but once you begin, it’s very simple.”
Chris the CNC foreman who is dedicated to teaching and skilling up individuals. He is also a screw machining master.
Andreas who came through their apprenticeship program and is now a Swiss operator.

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