Machine Shop Tour At CNC Rapid Prototype Machine Shop | Motive Machine Works

June 29, 2022 12:31 pm

David saw a need for rapid prototyping and quick turnaround in the machining market. So he left his machining job and went full steam ahead on building his machining business, Motive Machine Works, focusing primarily on CNC rapid prototyping services. Take a look around with this machine shop tour!

Low volume and high mix , Motive Machine Works specialty is machining high complexity plastic and metal components. From Delrin to stainless steel and super alloys, Motive Machine is outfitted with 12,000 rpm spindles, chilled oil jackets, probing measurement systems, live tooling and quite the tool holder collection. Dual contact holders in addition to shrink fit collets, hydraulic and standard run of the mill holders you’d find in most shops.

Not to mention the machines are automated for lights out manufacturing, running CNC programs 5 hours into the night.

In addition to the supped up machines and entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll find a handful of hacks to increasing efficiency on the machine shop floor of Motive Machine.
1. For Machine shops on the verge of outgrowing the space, the band saw, among other things, are on wheels for easy equipment access and portability.
2. The accounting and programming office is mobile; it can be picked up by two pallet jacks and literally moved anywhere.
3. Energy saving with air compressor management
4. Using water to get the correct coolant concentration.


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David graduated the CNC programming program at Pennsylvania College of Technology.
Learn more about PCT here
CNC machining certificate
Machine Tool Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.)

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